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October 23, 2021

Game Introduction

A Leaner, Firmer & Meaner Evil King Ox!

It is scorching hot here! We are near to Flame Mountain now. Come on, let’s get the fan from Evil King Ox and Princess Iron Fan to put out the fire here! The name of Evil King Ox will grant you power of ‘Wild’ if you are able to find it. For more information about […]

Outlawed Gunslinger – Your Game

Are you ready to visit the world of cowboys? You will meet the cowboys, cowgirls and native Americans here, when you enter this Western themed slot with 25 paylines. Explore the world and find the Sheriff ‘Wild’ Badges, they will grant you the power of wild, make your wins easier and bigger. For more information […]

Fu Lai – Your Potential Entertainer

The cute little twins, Fu Lai, are here in the town! They are bringing different creatures that represent luck and wealth with them. Every time you come across the Mysterious Fortune door, it will open for you and randomly give you one of the symbol. For more information about this slot game, click here!

Connect with Wilds of Africa

Wild of Africa is filled with wildlife symbols and Diamond of Wild, that make winning easier in this 50 payline game.The Diamond of Wild completes any winline whenever it glows.The Scatter of Dusk appearing on reel 1, 2 and 3 will award player 10 free spins with retrigger feature. For more information about this slot […]

The Mulan Stands Above The Rest!

It’s time to follow your general to win the war and earn your rewards. Mulan is one of the most famous lady in History, who substitutes her dad to fight in the war. Join Mulan and her team to fight in the war and collect your treasure. For more information about this slot game, click here!

Little Fantail – Living Innovation in Your Aquarium!

Little Fantail is swimming its way into your aquarium! Look at its happy face, swimming through the beautiful decorations inside your fish tank, bringing the good luck to you. If three Fantails appear in reel 2, 3 and 4, the Free Spin feature will be triggered! For more information about this slot game, click here!

Great Abundance of Fortune!

The God of Wealth visiting the town now! The God of Wealth will surely bring fortune to players in this game! He is also bringing his magical beasts to roam through the town and grant players the power of Expanding Wild, horizontally!! For more information about this slot game, click here!

Mayan – Elements of Life!

In the search for lost Mayan Civilisation, you may come across the Elements of Life. The elements of life are important subjects to learn about the lost civilisation. You may discover the mysterious symbol of Wild during your journey, which can lead you to great fortune. For more information about this slot game, click here!

Pig of Fury – Wanted!

It’s a pig that knows Kung Fu, it is so brave! Look at these animals training together, they are amazing! Remember to collect those golden coins in game. Player will be awarded with 15 free spins for every two coins collected, and 15 more free spins are given to player when 2 golden coins are […]

Ocean Trouble – Waiting For You Deep Under The Sea

Deep deep under the sea, there is a big trouble going on. Creatures under the ocean are fighting and creating havoc. Player can join the game Ocean Trouble to witness this incident, and even play a part in it. If you have a token, you can enter the tournament and bet on your champion, you […]